The People Behind Tease-O-Rama

Tease-O-Rama started with New Orleans-based freelance writer Alison Fensterstock and San Francisco Producer Baby Doe who both had a dream to create an event where burlesque performers could showcase their talents, learn a bit from each other and build a community of neo-burlesque dancers. The first event was tour de force! It was obvious that Tease-O-Rama was a life changing experience for many and that the show must continue. In 2002, Alan Parowski of Liftoff! Productions joined the Tease-O-Rama team.

Tease-O-Rama 2001- 2008 were roaring successes. In New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and L.A. thousands of attendees, performers, and media came from all over the world to sold out shows and at-capacity classes. But more importantly Tease-O-Rama has always put community first, providing fans and performers from around the globe a place to get together, swap stories, take classes, watch movies, share their craft, and inspire each other on stage.... all in an atmosphere of joyful support and cooperation. The template Tease-O-Rama provided is now mimicked in over 30 cities worldwide, and the performer's who got their start or gained their fame at Tease-O-Rama reads like a Who's Who of Modern Burlesque. "See The Show This Year....BE The Show Next Year!" has been the Tease-O-Rama motto, and a more appropriate one could hardly be imagined. Tease-O-Rama is truly "The Big Bang of Burlesque!", and proudly carries the torch into a second decade as "The Best of the Best In Burlesque!"

(Alison is now a full time music journalist in New Orleans. Baby Doe and Alan continued to produce the Tease-O-Rama from two different states!)

Baby Doe (San Francisco)

Baby Doe

Baby Doe is the Artistic Director and Producer of Tease-O-Rama since 2001. This past year, Baby Doe was honored by the Burlesque Hall of Fame with the "Sassy Lassy Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Burlesque," in recognition of Tease-O-Rama's impact. In 2009, Baby Doe was the Guest of Honor at Burlycon in Seattle. Over the past 13 years, Baby Doe has served as the Artistic Director and Choreographer of The Devil-Ettes, San Francisco's first (and only!) synchronized 60's go go dance troupe. Her passion for preserving the historical dances of the 60’s has led Baby Doe to create showcases such as The Go Go Spectacular and Pip Squeak a Go Go, a children's dance party that teaches the lost art of go go to the next generation. In addition to a love of dance, Baby Doe is also the co-producer of Tiki Oasis, the world’s premier tiki event which takes place in San Diego, CA. This 4-day weekender hosts over 3,000 attendees and includes live music, over 80 vendors, symposiums, pin-up and burlesque cuties, a car show and an annual art show that raises thousands of dollars for causes dear to her heart, such as the Keep-A-Breast foundation. Baby Doe’s events have been covered in many publications and media outlets including NPR, the New York Times, Newsweek, USA Today, LA Weekly, Bust Magazine, The Village Voice, Playboy, Mademoiselle, LA Times, SF Chronicle and Spanish GQ. Although she loves promoting over-the-top events like Tease-O-Rama and doing the shimmy shake with The Devil-Ettes, her top favorite pastime is hanging out with her two amazing sons, Vander Vegas and Dashiell!

Alan Parowski (Out In The Ozone)

Alan Parowski

Alan Parowski, Tease-O-Rama Co-Producer and Head Astronaut at Liftoff! Productions, and Brian "The Fisherman" Lease did the original one night San Francisco "Teaseorama" Burlesque show back in 1997--a wild, sweaty, dangerous night of mirth and mayhem that culminated in riots, police raids, orgies, the declaration of martial law, the Rapture, and the fulfillment of previously unknown prophecies of Nostradamus. Liftoff! has put on hundreds of outrageous events since then and is currently celebrating "15 Years of Proudly Orbiting Above a World of Mediocre Entertainment!"

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